I like big (cheap) mountains and I cannot lie

Life can get silly hectic can’t it? It’s April – how on earth is it April? I mean, what have I been doing to fill my first 3 months of 2017? I’d love to say it’s been full of adventures and explorations but whilst I’m studying it’s unfortunately impossible. Burying my head in books is something I’ve become an expert at which, although very useful for my general nursing life – its not so great for my social life. *sobs*

On the contrary to that, I’ve been able to drag myself away from the geek life and get on the slopes for a few weeks. My ultimate favourite get away! Sometimes I sit in the cluttered staff room at work and dream of being on the mountain for the day or, if not the day, then the duration of my lunch break – just so I could smell the sweet scent of the bark on the mountain trees and feel totally and utterly relaxed ….even if it could be for only 30 minutes of my dreary day.

I’m lucky enough to have a family who own a teeny tiny apartment in the mountains of Bansko, Bulgaria. It’s a quaint ski resort with a population of just over 8,000 and our place is situated just above the old town. Bansko, for some reason, isn’t the most popular places to ski – which in my eyes is madness! The slopes are beautiful, the people of Bansko are very welcoming and grateful you’re visiting and it’s cheap as battered chips!!! With 2.4 Bulgarian lev to 1 British pound it’s as inexpensive as you can imagine.

I’ve been visiting Bansko for over 7 years now and in my opinion this underprivileged ski resort hasn’t got the money to publicise and promote this angelic town. Therefore, SO many mountain lovers are missing out on this hidden gem!

Last week I was 2914m above sea level on Pirin Mountain which was covered in powdery snow, I remember getting off the chair lift and swiftly making my way to a viewing platform at the top of a red run. I stopped, took off my goggles and was hit with the most insane view. The blue sky was framed by white peaks as far as I could see. It was stunning!

Due to the ski season ending in a few days time the slopes were near enough empty and it was like we were the only ones on the mountain. This is what you call ‘millionaire’ skiing!

The point here is, this unique ski resort needs to be put on the popularity map! If not for the vast slopes but then for the prices of the ski holiday itself. Sure, there might be some better resorts in regards to being much larger, but they also have the down side of being overcrowded and you’d be spending 4x the amount of money on food up the mountains and ski passes (not forgetting ski hire, flights, hotel and transfers)

I’d love to hear of somewhere else in the world which has as much beauty and charm as this tiny resort? And when I do I’ll be sure to visit But for now I’ll stick to Bansko! 😄


  1. Awa on the Road

    I have never been to this ski resort. I visited Bulgaria once, a few year ago, in summer. The region close to Greek border. Very rural area but I liked it very much. Thank you as well for following my blog.


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