16 things I’ve learnt from Cape Verde

1. It’s ok to talk to strangers, people just want to ask questions.

2. There’s nothing more beautiful than the perfect sunset over the Atlantic ocean.

3. It is impossible to keep your feet clean.

4. Staying in Cape Verde is very safe. People are always concerned about westerners who visit or live in that part of the world. They shouldn’t be. Most of Africa is almost as safe as any other place… in fact I am convinced that living in East Sussex could be much more dangerous than living on the island of Cape Verde.

5. Mosquitos exist for no other reason than to torment people.

6. There are no road rules, except for honking.

7. Street food is always a good choice.

8. People in Africa don’t need much to be happy. In fact, some of the happiest people I’ve met have been there. Many families in the countryside live with nothing but a plot of land and a small mud hut. Yet they manage just fine and appear to have very strong family bond and incredible relationships, much better than what I normally see in modern-day England.

9. Smiles and laughter says a thousand words.

10. Males START and FINISH the dance floor (much appreciated by me).

11. You shouldn’t put perfume on after applying sun cream unless you want burnt red circles on the places you’ve sprayed.

12. Water melon pops and pineapple mint sorbet are common and delicious! (Put a melon triangle on a pop stick and freeze, voila!).

13. Do not apply tinted moisturiser and then put E45 (barrier creams) on your burnt bits – Result= patchiness!!!

14. There’s more cats than people here.

15. Wi-Fi in Africa is faster than in the UK.

16. We are so fortunate to live the way we live and we should feel very lucky!


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