That time I camped in the French Alps

What do you think of when I say French Alps? Snowy mountains? Skiing and snowboarding? Roasting marshmallows? Sitting round a roaring fire? A beautiful winter break?

I personally have been to skii resorts in the French Alps in the midst of winter, however, i’m delighted to tell you that I visited them this summer and the mountains were just as stunningly beautiful as they are in the winter.

We started our road trip from our home in East Sussex and from there we went to Folkstone to catch the 35 minute train to Calais. It was then a 7 hour drive to our campsite, this sounds an awful lot but this was including an hours napping time and a few snack stops. On the way home we decided to catch the ferry from Diepe to Newhaven and this took yet another day of travelling. It was actually a very pretty road trip and one i’ll happily do again! 

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of france is where I spent my summer break this year and it really is one of the prettiest you’ll find. With glistening lakes and bright green mountains you cant help but be amazed by its beauty.

It’s main city in this region of france is Annecy and it reminded me of a typical french town but with an italian twist due to its 14 ice cream parlours and also because the lake of Annecy has enchanting waterways throughout the buildings in the city (a bit like Venice).

We stayed at a tranquil campsite in the middle of the mountains called ‘Les Framboisiers, Bauges, en Savoie’. We had a pitch big enough for a 4 man tent,2 cars and a large table. It had spotless showers and bathrooms and you were able to help yourself to water. We ordered 8 croissants every morning and 2 baguettes 🐖 which where included in the price and it cost us 30 euro each night for us all! Cheap as chips!

We visited so many beautiful destinations but i wanted to share with you my favorite –

We visited ‘Gorge de fier’ which cost us €5.80 euro each. Just 10k from Annecy, this river has carved out one of the most magnificent examples of erosion by running water, the Gorges du Fier, considered to be one of the natural wonders of the Alps. You walk along a high footbridge which spans across a narrow gorge & river (Something to avoid if youre scared of heights). However, well worth a visit! So fascinating!!

Nearby the Gorge we noticed the most beautiful Chateau and we decided to visit-  the best attractions are the ones you least expect to come across! It was called the ‘Chateau de Montrottier’ and it was huge. Full of history and beautiful gardens!

‘Grotte et cascade de seythenex’ was one of the hidden gems of the holiday! We visited some tiny caves and saw some beautiful natural waterfalls deep in the mountains. It cost €8 to get a tour round the caves with a tour guide! While this cave wasn’t very big, it was interesting nonetheless. We could see firsthand how the geology and hydrology of the area made the various patterns and shapes within. There were even some plants that were grown that seemed to benefit from the relatively constant temperatures, humidity, and artificial light. However, a good pair of shoes would probably be beneficial for this cave tour as some parts of the ground were wet and slippery. Outside were the impressive falls. So fierce but so beautiful! Well worth the visit!

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